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Who is Hylda Rodríguez?

Recognized Architect, with more than 30 years of prestigious professional work in the USA and Mexico.

Its doors are the result of a unique creative process…

where the client is the protagonist and the architect acts as a facilitator…

…expressing emotions,

dreams, desires and unique life stories.

Hylda Rodríguez is a signature designer, since each door is unique and unrepeatable.

Hylda Rodriguez

Doors with Soul


Why are the doors of Hylda Rodríguez doors of the soul?

Because they are unique.

Because they are not found anywhere in the world.

They only exist in the heart of each client.

Therefore, no door is the same as another,

Because they have a unique seal,

Because they are transparent doors, which reflect the emotions of our clients.

Hylda Rodriguez

Doors with Soul


What is Hylda Rodríguez's design process like?

  • Emotions

  • noble materials

  • life stories

  • Rigor

  • Talent

  • Experience

They are mixed in a unique process where the client is the protagonist and where Hylda Rodríguez shapes a unique and unrepeatable design.

Hylda Rodriguez

Doors with Soul

What are the materials used to design a Hylda Rodríguez Door?

Noble, elegant and innovative materials are used.

Materials that transcend time.

Materials in harmony with the environment.

Materials that capture and transmit emotions.

Hyld Rodriguez

Doors with Soul


What is Hylda Rodríguez's style?

What is Hylda Rodríguez's studio like?


Where are Hylda Rodríguez doors sold?

Hylda Ródríguez doors are designed in San Miguel de Allende, but can be delivered anywhere in Mexico and the world.

Hyld Rodriguez

Doors with Soul

Who buys a Hilda Rodriguez Door?

People who want to participate in a creative and collaborative process.

People who love noble, simple and elegant materials.

People who want to express their dreams, desires and achievements.

People who want a unique and unrepeatable door.

People who want a door with Soul.

Who can I contact directly?

You can write or call WAPP directly and we will immediately contact you.

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